Tracie Taylor, PMP

TTaylor&Co. Founder & CEO

Tactical Admin Creator & Instructor

Next Ridge Apparel Co-Owner & CEO

Ladies of Fire Founder


As a highly experienced project management professional, coach, mentor, and multi-business owner, I have spent over 20 years honing my skills in project support, management, and team leadership. My virtual support firm has grown into a multi - six figure company that serves various industries across the United States.

Today I am thrilled to offer digital courses and products specifically designed to empower tactical administrative professionals with both BIG PICTURE VISION and strategic action steps to secure better earnings and positions within their careers.My passion for tactical administration has led me to develop digital courses specifically tailored to empower administrative professionals like you with the skills, strategies, and tactics you need to succeed in your career.



From an early age I knew I had passion, a fire within, for empowering myself, other women, and now, young ladies as well. I spent years learning, implementing, and growing skills without the college degree that seemingly accelerated the careers of others. I searched for ways to continue building my career while also striving to be a present mother and wife.

Today, it is my mission to teach other women the skills I have worked for so many years to learn. To empower women in their careers, growth, and income potential. To show them that they too can build careers that allow them to also have a thriving family life... with or without a college degree. 

I am wishing you prosperity and fulfillment in all that you do!